Pediasure Milk Powder Products:

Pediasure Formula for Infants, Childs & Adults to keep up with your Health and Strength.

Is there any side effects ?
Packed with minerals and vitamins, it is suitable for lactose intolerant children too. It is available in powder form. No known side effects! 
Buy Fresh Milk Powder today and make sure your immune system is ready for any weather!

COGNITIVE DEVELOPMENT with the Best Milk Powder

It’s a balance of many important nutrients working together that contributes to a healthy brain. Grow & Gain Shakes are a source of all these nutrients that support cognitive development and brain growth.

Nan Formula and Lactose Free Milk Powder available. Our Instant dry Milk will help build up a strong immune system for your child. Of course our Milk Powder for elderly is gonna work the same way!


Nutrition for growth and Immune support.

Products by Pediasure are not intended for infants younger than 1 year of age. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, infants under a year old should be breastfed or fed an iron-fortified infant formula.

Complete nutrition for your child’s growth. Pedia Grow & Gain is clinically proven* to help kids grow, serving up complete, balanced nutrition little bodies may need for muscle & bone development, brain & eye health, and immune support. Studied in children at risk for malnutrition.

What are the advantages of powder formula?
For parents who choose to formula feed, powdered baby formula has two distinct advantages: It’s the most affordable option and, with considerably less packaging than liquid formula options, it’s more environmentally conscious, too. 
The process of making powdered milk is very simple and anyone can have fast great value instant nonfat dry milk!