Goat Follow On Milk 800g

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Goat Milk Powder Follow On 800g

Our Goat milk powder is designed to be the most advanced of its kind.

Certainly we’re 100% British and don’t do palm oil, fish oil or cheap additives. Additionally, what we do do is locally-sourced, creamy Whole A2 Goat Milk, Goat Whey, Plant-Based DHA and GOS.

Firstly about our Stage 2 goat milk: it is vegetarian-friendly and suitable from six months.

Whole Milk Fats

Kendamil uniquely uses Whole Milk as a source of fat. For this reason by including Whole Milk as our primary ingredient and a source of fat in our formula, Kendamil has a naturally creamy taste and reduced levels of vegetable oils, which form 100% of the fat content in other formula. So It means Kendamil includes naturally occurring MFGM (Milk Fat Globule Membrane).

No Palm Oil

Evidently, our brand has never used Palm Oil. Because of the scientific research linking Palm Oil to the malabsorption of minerals in the gut, as well as the negative impacts on the environment. That’s why we have never used it in Kendamil (and we have petitioned the UK government to ban it in all formula!)

Plant-Based DHA

Kendamil sources Omega 3 from plants! As a matter of fact by opting to source our Omega 3 (DHA) from sustainably farmed marine algae, we avoid the fish oil allergen found in most formula and also do better for the world by not contributing to overfishing!


Kendamil is uniquely Veggie friendly! And as a result of sourcing our Omega 3 from marine algae and avoiding animal rennet in our production process, Kendamil is uniquely certified Vegetarian!


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